EMP / HEMP Protection

Our primary focus is to create HEMP Protected Flexible Modular Platforms allowing unlimited design capability to develop cost-effective solutions for fixed and mobile applications for All-Hazards environment survivability.

EMP / HEMP Site Services

Our team of industry experts have years of experience understanding how to protect from an EMP pulse. We offer complete site design and construction for turn key solutions against EMP/HEMP/IEMI threats.

World-Class Manufacturing

We are a world-class manufacturer with countless years of high-tech, close tolerance fabrication and machining. Our expertise is coupled with an internal quality system that rivals the very best in the industry.

What We Do

At Triton Defense, our primary focus is to create HEMP protected, flexible, modular platforms which allows unlimited design capability to develop cost-effective solutions for fixed and mobile applications to fit All-Hazards environments.

We Define System Vulnerabilities

Our team of “Subject Matter Experts” (SME)  will quickly asses the threat and site conditions to suggest a path forward and create a solution that suits your needs and protection levels.

We Design Protection Systems

We analyze the entire scope before we begin with the end in mind. Our team of engineers and designers are Mission-Focused and start by examining the threat assessment for a full understanding upfront, we then pull together the pieces to create our client’s vision, and the project comes to life in a team like setting that has no bounds.

We Manufacture EMP Protection Systems

With tremendous experience in Design and Engineering, along with our ISO 9001-2015 quality system, has created an exceptional team. As a Solid Model-based enterprise, our roots run deep into creative thinking and manufacturing expertise with close tolerance Fabrication and Machining.

We Integrate Technologies Into EMP Protection Systems

TRITON provides our clients with complete equipment integration and fully functional systems that are tested and ready to deploy. We integrate Power Generation Systems, Electrical, Plumbing, CBRN Air,HVAC, COMMS, IT Server Racks and Rooms, SCIF-HEMP Protected,  Security, Interior finishes complete for fixed and mobile platforms.

We Test Our Systems Thoroughly

Triton Defense uses state-of-the-art, and MIL-STD approved methods to verify shielding performance. This includes Shielding Effectiveness (SE) testing per MIL-STD-188-125-2, Appendix A, and Shielded Enclosure Leak Detection System (SELDS) testing per MIL-HDBK-423.

We Deploy Our Protection Systems

The system itself, when complete and tested, is packed out with all specifics from our clients to ready for shipping. We can coordinate transportation and on-site Delivery and installation teams to make Asset Deployment seamless.

We Provide Support For Our Systems

Our Turn-Key Solutions include Site Design and Construction Services, specifically for EMP Protected Module Locations across the United States. Maintenance is available for TRITON Modules, anytime, anywhere.  We are here to support your program and maintain a fully operational EMP Shielded Envelope.