Custom Solutions for

Your Manufacturing Needs

Triton Defense operates a 52,000 ft. The facility in Hollywood, Maryland, outfitted with the latest cutting-edge equipment available. Triton has honed its innovative processes for over 25 years with a tremendous heritage of precise manufacturing talent, which makes up our DNA; our company is home to some of the most talented craftsmen and creative minds in the industry. We have forged our path with technology to create a culture that strives to build the highest quality products found in the industry today.

Design & Engineering

Triton’s design team work in-depth with the client is where the project begins to take shape in an agile group setting. As we examine the requirements, we begin to piece together redundant systems that are cost-effective choices solving today’s EMP threats. Many times design startswith roundtableand white-board discussions geared towards creating the vision while maintaining fundamental aspects of lean manufacturability and repeatability throughout. Decades of extensive manufacturing expertise brings a practical,common-sense approach from beginning to end. Our combined Manufacturing knowledge and engineering expertise allow us to turn ideas into reliable hardware at an exceptional pace.


We apply SolidWorks 3D modeling to the concept and start to bring the project to life. As designs take shape, our team supports a conscious attitude towards sustaining budgets while adding “VALUE” into all aspectsof the build,  creatinga thoughtful, well-organized environment often exceeding the client’s expectations.


We live in a virtual manufacturing world here at Triton; every assembly, product, and part begins as a 3D model in our Engineering and Design Department. Each specific component is looked at individually, programmed, virtually inspected, and the process checked throughout its life has become the system we intentionally developed to provide quality throughout the manufacturing process.

We are a Model-based enterprise (MBE). A term used in manufacturing, to describe a strategy where an annotated digital three-dimensional (3D) model of a product serves as the authoritative information source for all activities in that product’s lifecycle.

We offer a complete Fabrication Facility with Design and Engineering, Laser cutting, Laser Tube cutting, Waterjet cutting, Forming, Roll Forming, Welding, Machining, Assembly, Finishing, Integration, Electrical, Plumbing, Interior Finishes, HVAC, CBRN Air filtration, HEMP Testing, Quality assurance program ISO 2009-2015.


TRITON provides our clients with complete equipment integration and fully functional systems that are tested and ready to deploy. We integrate Power Generation Systems, ALARM-smoke-Fire-Intrusion, Electrical, Power filtration, POE’s, Wave Guides, Plumbing, CBRN Air, HVAC, COMMS, IT, Server Racks, and Rooms, SCIF-HEMP Protected,  Security, Interior finishes complete for fixed and mobile platforms.


Our in-house capabilities allow for Turn-Key solutions that enhance the client’s ability to customize their equipment to precisely match their requirements in an expedited fashion. From prototype design to full-on production capability, TRITON has you covered.

Let us Build Your Next Project

Although EMP/HEMP Protected Modules is our primary focus, we have OEM Partnerships in similar areas of Defense. We have years of experience building custom solutions and often manufacture job-shop type products. If you would like to talk to a Triton team member about assistance with contract manufacturing, please contact us!