About us

Who We Are

TRITON Defense is a Woman-Owned Small Business that specializes in Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) and High Altitude Electro-Magnetic Pulse (HEMP) protection for all hazards environments.  Founded in 1995, TRITON Defense is a world-class manufacturer that performs high-level design and engineering services to create customized hardware solutions ensuring all hazards EMP / HEMP protection and project continuity for our government and commercial clients.


Our Pledge

At TRITON Defense, we realize our world can substantially change in a nanosecond and without warning; each day that passes our growing infrastructures technology becomes increasingly advanced and more vulnerable to an invisible pulse.  Bottom line “OUR PLEDGE” is to get in front of EMP threats with All-Hazards hardware solutions that keep our Government, Military, Cyber, and Civilian Infrastructure operational in the event of an EMP.

Our History

In 1995 TRITON Defense Inc. started its humble beginnings in White Plains, Maryland.  Known as Triton Metals Inc. by President Melanie Poole and Vice President Kevin Poole.  Over time, we have prided ourselves as faithful servants to our clients, which has galvanized enduring partnerships.  High quality, excellent service, and innovative manufacturing practices have been the catalyst to our success.


Relocating the business to Hollywood, Maryland in 2002enabled us to take advantage of much-needed space and cutting-edge machinery requirements all while honing our manufacturing processes.  Over the years, TRITON has created an environment that lends itself to designing, engineering, manufacturing, and integration of complete systems.Our partners consist of companies such as FEMA, BAE, FLIR Systems, FEMA, DHS, ARMY, CACI, NSWC Dahlgren Va, NSWCDD, OMNI Threat, NAWCAD, HARDWIRE LLC, US ARMY, Kubera Management Group, the list goes on.


In 2019we find ourselves on the cutting edge of EMP/HEMP Protectionwhich has become the main focus of the company and TRITON has become the leading manufacturer of EMP/HEMP Protection in the Mid-Atlantic region.  We understand the threats, and we have the solutions, together TRITON Defense and EMAG Associateshave become an invaluable team that can evaluate and create EMP/HEMP/IEMI Solutionsto nearly any given situation creating complete systems that ensure proper protection.  EMAG Associatesprovides In-house Electrical Engineering (SME) EMP Shielding specific and Testing that goes beyond our walls to the final testing on-site and ongoing maintenance test inspection afterward.  We can provide Engineered Solutions for HEMP Protected Modules fixed, Sub-Surface or otherwise Mobile designs in nearly any conceivable configuration,  Power Generation, Power filtration, Mechanical, IT, VTC, SCIF, Command Center, Living Quarters, HVAC, CBRN Air Filtration and overpressure, POE’s (Point of Entry), Waveguide Before Cutoff (WBC). Interior and exterior finishes suited for the project demands and the surrounding environment, we can also provide an Architectural-camouflage or complete Stealth-Concealment.


Designing the Components within the modules is Client-specific and can be built to exacting, repeatable standards, or highly customized to Aerospace-Compaction if required.  Every heavy-duty system is intended to be redundant, user-friendly, and easily maintained by the client.  Depot Level Maintenance is also available throughout the life of the system.  All systems have optional Armor protection available to combat NIJ LVL III, NIJ LVL IIIA, and NIJ LVL IV.  Steel Armor or Clear Armor, we have Tested-Certified solutions to offer for many custom applications for a vehicle or fixed asset.