EMP / HEMP Site Services


Design & Construction

TRITON Defense is proud to announce our partnership with EMP Protective Services.  Jay Hopson and Barry Vukmer formed EMP Protective Services in 2019 to serve the Nations growing need to HEMP protect our critical infrastructure.  As a team, they specialize in Site-Design and Construction specifically for TRITON’s EMP/HEMP Protected Module sites nationwide and to meet the growing demand for EMP Shielding. TRITON Defense is closing the loop for complete in-house start to finish services and welcomes EMP Protective Services to the team.


EMP Protective Services offers site-design, permitting, construction services, and complete commissioning for protecting critical infrastructure against HEMP/EMP threats nationwide. EMP Protective Services works hand in hand with Triton Defense, to install thoroughly tested and certified HEMP/EMP protected Modules.


EMP Site Shielding is a complete mystery to most contractors, whereas EMP Protective Services has drilled down on the requirements to gain a comprehensive understanding of proper design and installation. Having direct access to TRITON’s vast expertise is crucial for the client and saves valuable resources and time. Upfront teaming during the design phases of the Modules has proven to expedite site processes and an exceptional final product.


With over 50 years of experience in site design, surveying, construction, and construction management, we are confident that we can effectively manage your HEMP/EMP protected sites.  We specialize in Electric Utility, COMMS sites, and Federal Agencies.

Our relationship with TRITON gives us a unique opportunity to be involved during the design phases with the client to ensure we effectively match the design to the site requirements. Being included initially will significantly improve lead times for the complete installation process, giving your company an exceptional value with turn-key EMP Shielded solutions.

– EMP Protective Services